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Today, I think I will wright about my experience and trip to Vail, Colorado for spring break. It was a wonderful trip; my mom always does a great job of planning and making it fun. Generally we don’t have a place to stay untill a week out, and very rarely have a flight within three weeks of the trip. My mom planes well under pressure. Our trip to Vail was no exception. We are always cutting it close but it works out and we have a great time. The start of the trip was actually good, we got in the car only a few minutes late and headed to the airport where we ran in to a bunch of old friends. We grabbed some bagels, a great snack for on the plane. We boarded are flight just as we arrived at the gate. The funny part is we lost my sister on the way to the gate. See we were traveling with another family so she went to hang out with them. So far on the way there and there were not any disturbances, other than losing my sister. The next part of our trip was supposed to be the 45 minute drive to Vail Eagle airport to Vail. With both of the families combined we had ten people but my brother brought a friend, making the total amount of people riding in the car that only seated 8 plus our luggage, 10 bags stuffed to the brim. Both the dads my brother and his friend left the car for us girls and took a taxi. The ride to the house was very comfortable and pleasant.


Iris Lazzareschi

Iris is participating in the Freeride World Tour. She is considered a wildcard because she has no participated in this event before. Iris was born October 11 in 1986. She lives at her dads home in North Lake Tahoe, California. Her sponsors are Rome Snowboards, Holden, Smith, Thirty-Two, Superfeet, Celtek, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Full Throttle Tahoe. Her biggest influences are her brothers, her church and fellowship, and all of her riding buddies. She loves snowboarding because of the amazing friendships, crazy adventures, the advantages of taking new opportunities and challenging herself to become better.  The qualities that she does not like in snowboarder are if they have bad attitudes or complain. Iris is a very religious person and looks towards God whenever she needs comfort or support. Iris wishes she could do a back handspring, I think she probably could if she worked on it and it would most likely come easily because of all the other cool trick I have seen her do.  Iris has become more popular or well-known over the last year because she won the Team Challenge girls rail jam. She trains at Mount Hood in Oregon during the summer. I think that is pretty cool because I have been thinking about going to a skiing camp this summer at Mount Hood.

Angel Collinson is one of the top free skiers in the world. Angel was born july 13th 1990. She grew up in employees housing at Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah. She and her brother shared a five by twelve foot bedroom. Her dad worked for the now safety department and her mom mad their lifestyle possible by teaching in a one room home school kindergarten through high school to Angel, her brother Johnny and a few other kids. Angle skied all the time. In the summers they would travel for months exploring the mountains around the west. Angel ski raced until she was 18, she had a successful career of competing internationally. She always love to free ski started to do that. Currently she attends the University of Utah. She is studying environmental law and competes on the Free skiing world Tour. During the summer she loves to be outdoors and try’s to spent as much time as she can out doors. She rock climbs kayaks and even serves as a raft guide in Glacier National Park.

The Red Bull Cold Rush peer-judged three-day adventure for the competitors . The go backcountry freesking. This year the competition is going to be held at Silverton Mountain in Colorado, the same place it was held last year. The difference between this year and last year is that there is a new roster of athletes and the course has been some updated. 17 men and 5 women will compete in the Big Mountain, Slopestyle, and Cliffs disciplines to determine the all around best backcountry skier. This is the second  year that this competition will be held.

This year the Big Mountain venue is held on Silverton Mountain’s north facing Storm Peak. Storm Peak is the highest ski area in North America at 13,487′.

The Cliffs venue returns to Silverton’s famous Zone 7 with what is considered a beautiful alpine cirque. There are peaks that funnel into an area that is stacked with cliffs up to 70′ in height in every direction. The Cliff zone is located lower down on the mountain keeping the snow sheltered and fresh all day.  The Landing zones are wid and oped allowing the competitors to show there best moves and be able to land safely.

The last venue  is Slopestyle this is of the top of  a chair-lift. The run is called “Mando” it is a big, wide bowl that is filled with powder . it has multiply jumps and it transfers in to above tree alpine bowl. The Cliffs and Big Mountain are not altered in and way, but slopestyle is where they add jumps rails  and other features playing off of the local mining heritage

Kaya Turski wins the slopesyle at the Winter Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah.  This was her third straight victory this season. The earlier wins being at the Winter X Games in Aspen and the Killington stop on the Winter Dew Tour. This was Kaya’s first year in the Winter Dew Tour. Taking second behind Kaya was Anna Segal, and third Devin Logan, finishing 28 points behind Kaya. Kaya directed her attention to the tree rails near the end of the course. The final results are for the Women’s Slopestyle and Women’s Dew Cup, Kaya placed first in both.

Women’s Slopestyle Final Results:

1 Kaya Turski – 93.75

2 Anna Segal – 90.75

3 Devin Logan – 89.00

4 Emilia Wint – 82.00

5 Keri Herman – 77.00

6 Ashley Battersby – 71.75

Women’s Final Dew Cup Standings:

1 Kaya Turski – 200

2 Devin Logan – 172

3 Emilia Wint – 158

4 Keri Herman – 136

5 Dara Howell – 132

6 Ashley Battersby – 128

7 Emma Dahlstrom – 124

8 Eveline Bhend – 114

9 Rose Battersby – 93

The first Youth Winter Olympics was held this year in Innsbruck, Australia.It started on the 13th, and ended on the 22nd. The Olympics are for ages 15-18.  The games were designed for 1000 plus athletes.

Born in Oregon, 16-year-old, Ben Ferguson won gold in the Snowboard Half-pipe competition. His score was 93.25; he flew much higher than any of his opponents. Following in second was Tim-Kevin Ravnjak from Slovenia with a score of 86.75. Taking bronze was Taku Hiraoka from Japan with a score of 4.25.

If you want to see a video of his performance go to the link below:


In the Men’s Skiing Half-pipe competition, Kai Mahler (SUI) takes the Gold, with a near perfect round with a score of 95.0 out of 100. Taking second place Lauri Kivari from Finland with the score 90.0. Aaron Blunck from the United States followed Kivari with a score of 87.50 recovering from a poor first run where he scored a 64.25.

If you want to see a video of their performances go to the link below:


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